En Suite

bathroom remodelling

Installing an “in the room” or en suite bathroom is one of the best investments you can make. Whenever you consider opting for a home improvement project, make sure you include bathroom remodelling or renovation in your priorities. This will surely improve your comfort, convenience, and safety in your own bedroom at home.

Benefits of Having En Suite Bathroom

It is undoubtedly very stressful having to run to and fro the hallway in wee hours to use the main bathroom. Similarly, productivity is at stake when you have to share one bathroom with all family members every morning when everyone has to get ready to work or school. Having an en suite bathroom saves you from all this – you have a private space for you to do your much-needed bathroom routine without having to worry about people lining up to use next.

Bathroom Fitting: Some Factors to Consider

  • Space – many homeowners do away from having an en suite bathroom because their available bedroom space won’t allow them to do so. There are actually plenty of ways to have it fitted in your room, and this is where our team can help you.

En suite bathrooms need not to be grand. We can fit in basic to more luxurious features depending on your space and budget, which may include dressing areas, double walk-in showers, bidet, basin for his and her, and many others.

  • Bath or Shower – one of the most common dilemmas of homeowners is whether to have a bath or a shower in their en suite. Why choose when you can have both? We can design en suite bathroom having both features. Bath tub with shower over it is a popular option these days. Alternatively, you can have it tailor-fitted.
  • Fixtures and Storage – while you want to keep all your bathroom necessities in the en suite, the space available might hinder you to do so. We recommend space-saving wall-mounted cabinets, hanging racks and shelves to fee up some floor space so you can accommodate more of your bathroom stuff.

Stylish and Functional En Suite for You

Chesterfield Bathroom Fitters promises to turn your outdated and boring en suite into the most stylish yet highly functional “in the room” bathroom where you can spend your “me-time” in the most relaxing and convenient way. We will make sure that every nook and corner shows off your unique taste and style. Call us today!