Wet Rooms

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Do you need to have a well-designed and highly functional wet room in your home or in your commercial property in Chesterfield, Derbyshire? Hire our experts at Chesterfield Bathroom Fitters. We specialise in all types of bathroom and wet room installation and renovation. We can design and build wet rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Wet Room Design Features

  • Design options available for wet rooms with standard features or the most stylish, contemporary ones.
  • Works perfectly for smaller areas.
  • Best used as a second bathroom – for homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain – wet rooms don’t have shower trays or screens
  • Watertight from ceiling to floor – floors are walls are protected well from water and moisture.

Factors to Consider

Home improvement projects such as wet room installation and renovation can be a daunting task. It is paramount that you know where to start and how to implement the project in the most cost-effective and less convenient way. With this, you have to consider the following before finally deciding to have the area installed or renovated:

  • Materials – invest in top-quality materials, especially when it comes to walls and floors. These areas are highly exposed to water and moisture and could easily get damaged, which could possibly lead you to more costly repairs and replacements in the future. Look for non-porous, waterproof materials such as ceramic or porcelain for the floors.
  • Layout – water splashing outside the area is a very common problem of a poorly-designed wet room. With this, make sure that the drain is not too close to the door. An experienced wet room specialist knows exactly how to avoid this problem.
  • Waterproofing – a huge chunk of the budget in every bathroom renovation often goes to waterproofing. Almost all parts of the wet room needs to be properly waterproofed, especially parts that are often exposed to water and moisture. This task involves priming, membrane and tile installation.

Top-Quality Wet Room Fitting

Investing in top-quality wet room fitting products and services ensure you that the wet room will serve you for decades and more. Spend your money wisely by choosing to hire licensed, experienced, and trustworthy wet room specialist. Get expert consultation for free when you call us up at Chesterfield Bathroom Fitters today.